Military Weapons Racks Deployed at MacDill AFB

Rifle and firearm inventory and management is an integral part of life at an army base. For army officials at the MacDill Air Force Base, the process of managing their weapons storage was a nightmare. Their storage system made it difficult to complete the task within a reasonable amount of time. Each day, the task would take hours to complete and require multiple personnel to complete. Officials at the base began to look at military weapons racks systems that would simplify this task and save them valuable time. After speaking with their local Spacesaver representative, they were immediately drawn to the universal weapons racks.

After deciding Spacesaver’s military weapons racks for easy and efficient weapons storage, MacDill officers were looking for even more storage space. By putting the universal weapons racks on a mobile shelving system, the base doubled their storage within the same footprint. The military weapons racks house all the firearms they need in the most efficient way possible. They also allow for the inventory managers to quickly check and see if all weapons are accounted for, allowing one person to complete the task much quicker than it used to take with multiple personnel. Thanks to the new system, base operations and morale improved drastically. Spacesaver’s military weapons racks system ended up being the perfect solution for MacDill Air Force Base.

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