Offsite Library Storage Allows for Library Repurposing

In order to store all of their collections, Wake Forest University had to use an offsite storage company. They were charged per linear foot of storage and whenever a book needed to be retrieved. As their desire to open up more space within the library grew stronger, their current solution became unsustainable. In order for the university to continue to expand its library services, it needed to find an efficient and cost effective solution. They purchased a warehouse with 50’ high ceilings, but carried a small footprint otherwise. Luckily for them, Spacesaver’s offsite library storage system allowed them to maximize their storage space in the warehouse.

An XTend Mobile High Bay Storage system was installed in the warehouse with the capability of storing the current need of 155,000 volumes with a projected capacity of 300,000 volumes. With the system in place, the library has become more efficient, allowing patrons to request materials from the archival storage and have it available quickly. With their library book storage solved, they could focus on turning their existing library areas into more collaborative and engaging spaces for the students, while continuing to offer access to their full range of materials. The mobile archival storage system has been a massive success for Wake Forest University and has allowed them to focus on the evolution of the modern library.

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