Library Storage Systems Breathe New Life into Old Institution

The College of Charleston is the oldest institution of higher education in South Carolina and one of the oldest in the United States. A decade before a $30 million new library opened, the old library had run out of storage. When funding for the Addlestone Library was finally approved, they looked to build something for the future. University officials aimed to maximize storage potential in the new building and allow for their collections to grow. After discussing options with a library architect, they were pointed in the direction of high-density library storage systems. With these solutions in mind, the College of Charleston redefined their library storage.

With the new systems in place, the new library currently shelves over 500,000 volumes with a third of those on compact library storage and a potential capacity for a million volumes. Addlestone Library features an assortment of library storage systems. From powered high-density library shelving to mechanical assist library shelving to static library display shelving, the library is well equipped to provide patrons with easy access to all materials. The space saved by the library storage systems also allowed for the College of Charleston to provide modern library amenities such as study spaces, computer workstations and collaborative areas. Addlestone Library will be able to serve students for many years to come.

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